Hampden County

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The mission of the Medical Reserve Corps Units in Hampden County, Massachusetts is to improve the health and safety of residents and their communities by organizing and utilizing public health, medical, safety and other volunteers. Medical Reserve Corps build the capacity of each community to better respond to natural, man-made or public health emergencies.

There are seven MRC Units in Hampden County.  Place cursor over highlighted areas to show email address of MRC unit coordinator – pops up in lower left of your screen.   Or, click on your town to contact the MRC Coordinator.

Each MRC Unit is currently recruiting new members, please take a few minutes to review information on this website, contact a Unit Coordinator and visit the national MRC website at www.medicalreservecorps.gov. MRC Units are independent volunteer based and community focused entities working together to build capacity for public health and emergency response.  MRC units work closely with local boards of health and city health departments as well as the Hampden County Health Coalition.   To learn more about the Hampden County Health Coalition and to access the newsletter click here.

For more information about the Medical Reserve Corps in Hampden County contact the appropriate Unit Leader by town listed above or


Lois Luniewicz Coordinator, Hampden County Medical Reserve Corps