JITT (Just in Time Training)

 Just in Time Training – JITT              Road Race Template

The following list is intended to provide a template or framework for Just in Time Training that may be applied to non-emergency community events such as a road race being staffed by Medical Reserve Corps.

Prior to the event: Notices to meet with reminders of time, location and personal go-kits items

Welcome and thank you to volunteers: Review the roster confirming (badges/t-shirts/ID) those present and absent

Describe the purpose of JITT: —JITT is a brief introduction and overview of the event, the role of the MRC as well as the limitations for MRC volunteers

Review Core Competencies with MRC volunteers (ARC, CERT, and SUV):

—MRC 101 – take care of yourself and your MRC partner. Review Incident Command System – designate and identify IC, PIO, Safety Officer,  Liaison Officer, Operations, Planning, Logistics, Finance as needed for the event

—Review basic concepts of Psychological First Aid Primary role                                                   First Aid and support                                                

Symptoms and situations to be aware of for the event include:

—       Hydration

—       Cooling

—       Accidents – Scrapes, Sprains, Broken bones, lacerations

—       Cardiac event

—       Blood sugar

—       Blood pressure

—       Dizziness

—       Stroke

—       Other

Critical response for any accident involving a vehicle(s) – contact 911, MRC Incident Commander or Team Leader; Race Director


—       Check cell phone and radio operations/coverage

—       Exchange cell phone and radio contact numbers

—       PIO and IC  or team leaders re-introduced

—       Assign “check-in times” and point(s) of contact

—       De-mobilization (when and who gives the signal)


—       Location

—       Transportation to site/Aid Station

—       Review supplies at site

—       Logistics: Set-up/break-down (when and who gets the equipment)

—       Transportation to Home Base


—       Review event process/incident(s)

—       Provide PFA to volunteers as needed

—       Collect input for improvement plans

—       PIO disseminate information on event/activity as deemed appropriate