MRC Statewide Steering Committee

MRC Statewide Coordination STEERING COMMITTEE

The Statewide MRC Coordination Steering Committee (Steering Committee) includes one representative from each public health emergency preparedness region’s MRC Advisory Committee and representatives from DPH’s Office of Preparedness and Emergency Response (OPEM).

The Steering Committee, facilitated by the MRC Statewide Coordinator, will meet at least quarterly, either in person or by phone. Representatives will solicit recommendations from the Unit Leaders in their region to be discussed at Steering Committee meetings. Additionally, they will develop and implement an Action Plan to be revised on a yearly basis to address recommendations and MRC deliverable requirements.

Selection of Regional Representatives

  • Each Region’s MRC Advisory Committee shall submit the name of its representative to the State MRC Coordinator prior to the first meeting of the Steering Committee in each grant year.
  • The State MRC Coordinator will ensure representation is rotated annually among any interested Unit Leaders, if applicable within each region.
  • Each Region may also name an alternate, in addition to the main representative. It is the responsibility of each Regional Representative to ensure his/her alternate (if applicable) is kept up-to-date on issues/activities of the statewide Steering Committee.

Responsibilities of Regional Representatives

  • Each representative should participate in all meetings/calls of the Steering Committee (4 per year). If a representative is uncertain that he or she can make the commitment to attend all meetings, the Region should consider appointing a different representative or an alternate.
  • Regional Representatives shall be in contact with MRC Unit Leaders in his/her Region on a quarterly basis through an agreed upon method established by MRC Unit Leaders in the Region. The agreed upon contact method will be utilized by Regional Representatives to inform MRC Unit Leaders in his /her Region about the activities of the Steering Committee and to solicit recommendations to be discussed at Steering Committee meetings/calls.
  • Based on recommendations brought before the Steering Committee by each Regional Representative, the Steering Committee will prioritize issues and develop and implement an Action Plan to address recommendations and MRC deliverable requirements.       The Action Plan will include both long and short term goals and will be reviewed and revised, as necessary, on a yearly basis.
  • Regional Representatives will ensure that Action Plan items will promote consistency on recruitment, training, volunteer identification, and activation protocols for MRCs and encourage coordination with other volunteer programs such as MA Responds, CERT, etc.
  • Provide recommendations on new statewide or local/regional MRC unit applications in Massachusetts.
  • Provide recommendations for the agenda for the Statewide MRC meeting.