For your convenience, you may complete the following two courses online.  Note: please check with your volunteer coordinator to see if there are additional requirements for your MRC Unit.  

  1. MRC Orientation (MRC 101) (55 minute recording) click the link

This course will familiarize you with the Core Competencies required of all disaster response volunteers and your responsibilities as an MRC Volunteer.. 

 2. ICS and Public Health  (40 minute video) click the link

When a disaster or incident requires a response from multiple agencies and volunteer groups (such as the MRC), effective coordination is critical.  The Incident Command System (ICS) provides a flexible, standardized framework for coordinated and collaborative incident management.  You might think of ICS as a common language that everyone speaks when different response groups need to work together



1. Log Your Training (no certificates needed)

Once you complete these trainings, please record having done so in your profile –  – here is how to do so