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“Waffle House on Wheels!”

Here are some excerpts from a thank you message from Westfield’s Director of Emergency Management.  This is what makes me proud of the people on our team.  We could use your support to be able to continue to show what Medical Readiness means to the members of our Greater Westfield & Western Hampden County Medical Reserve Corps.  There is still lots to do and lots of training to be able to keep up the momentum.  We have set a high standard and will need your help to maintain that standard for extended duration should it be necessary in the future.  This is what Jim Wiggs, Emergency Management Director said about your MRC which includes our outstanding Faith Based partners, Westfield Salvation Army, Southwick Public Health and Westfield Public Health partners, that are working with us:  “Hello,   Everyone, in the aftermath of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy, I think it is clear to see how fortunate we are that it was not stronger in our area. Many of our fellow Americans to the south and to the southwest of us were not so fortunate.  I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to everyone for their outstanding support.   The City of Westfield is lucky to have the Public Safety Officials that it has along with our many volunteers.  In addition, the support organizations that makes it all happen.

I want to particularly thank a few:  Medical Reserve Corps and Public Health – This partnership is maturing every day and each and every event. MRC is all volunteers and they continue to answer each and every call.  In addition to standing by for shelter operations, they served approximately 75 people for breakfast at the WG&E.  They were the, “Waffle House on Wheels” without the picture menu.   Nice job team.”

Jim went on to thank many other departments and city partners and the city officials who play a very important part of disaster preparedness.  He then closed with the following:

“I will close by asking that if you have feedback, both what is working and what is not, please let me know.   I can tell you that we have come a long ways since I became the Director of Emergency Management in January of 2008, but I also know that we cannot become complacent or rest on yesterday’s successes. I have a saying “You cannot sail today’s ship in yesterday’s wind”. Also, let me know how you like the conference calls and I want to ensure that we will continue to go this route and only bring people together in a major incident at the right time versus tying up resources otherwise.   Send your feedback directly to me and not to all, and I will compile it and send out an after action report.

Thanks again and Godspeed to everyone.  Stay Safe and let’s go into 2013 or beyond before we all are on another conference call.”

It is not hard to put in many hours of volunteer time when you work with people who care about their community like we have here in Westfield.  You should be very proud of our accomplishments.   I would like to add my sincere thanks to our members who have come through once again for our community.  Edward Mello Jr. MSN, Director/President

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