During multiple regional sheltering events, MRC functional exercises, and other disaster related activities; MRC units in our region have documented significant gaps in their ability to work effectively with children, individuals with functional and access needs, and adults with behavioral health needs. In 2015 we conducted a four-county professional development training event that focused on these areas of expertise.  Our goal was and remains to form Regional Specialty Response Teams.

To this end, we are recruiting professionals into MRC who have already acquired valuable, relevant training and experience in addressing functional needs through work in related fields in four areas: children’s services, behavioral health services, access and functional needs support skills, and mediation. Providing MRC core competency training to these professionals, including sheltering and ICS, will enable us to quickly affiliate a region full of teachers, childcare workers, mental health providers, PTs and mediators into MRC.

Will you be one them?

If so, we want to get you ready to provide specialized functional needs support services during emergencies.  The training you receive will make your organizations and communities more resilient, as well as enrich your work skills.

Please contact me for information and to register for one of these teams.