Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to becoming a Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer. Below are just some of them!

  1. Serve your family, friends, neighbors and loved ones in your town and beyond
  2. Be part of a team trained to provide medical, public, and mental health support during an emergency
  3. Network with other medical and public health professionals, as part of a critically important and specialized team
  4. Participate in initiatives that enhance and strengthen public health such as vaccination and health education programs
  5. An MRC trained volunteer could be part of a team mobilized during a national emergency such as Hurricane Katrina
  6. Free training and continuing education credits – learn about:
    • Personal safety in emergency situations
    • Sheltering
    • Emergency management
    • Incident Command System
    • Become familiar with existing local emergency plans, procedures, and facilities
  7.  It feels SO good to help people.  READ what some of our volunteers have to say about their service to others…
  8. Resume appeal!