Radio Communications

A lack of adequate communications is commonly identified in Western MA AAR’s as an area needing improvement.  In recent years, during the Western MA tornado response, this again was sited as a significant challenge.  The Berkshire MRC has therefore identified a need to improve the communication capabilities of Berkshire Local Boards of Heatlh (LBOH) and Berkshire MRC during large scale, all hazard emergencies.  To this end we have  acquired radio equipment  and assisted volunteers in earning their license.    Berkshire MRC volunteers have been ready to assist disaster communication initiatives during emergencies to the best of their ability.   We are always in need of additional communications equipment and training.

To date there are 8 Berkshire MRC  licensed Amateur radio operators throughout the county, greatly improving our response capacity and the ability to effectively assist response partners in all hazard emergencies.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the MRC Communications Team,  please contact us!

Special MRC NET takes place at 1900 on the Greylock Repeater (146.910) on the first Tuesday of each month